Effective Treatment Regimens

Regardless of whether the patient was born with a neurological disorder or acquired it through an illness, accident, or upon growing older, our process always begins with an initial assessment and testing. This thorough and necessary step enables us to best determine a customized treatment regimen. The treatment that we will prescribe may include medications, occupational therapy, physical therapy, recommending an evaluation from a surgeon, or coordination with other specialist physicians.

We specialize in all areas of neurology and provide treatments for adults and children. Our most common areas of treatment and diagnosis include, but are not limited to, the following:

HeadacheDizzinessVertigoMemory LossSeizuresStrokeHead InjuriesBrain TumorsBell's PalsyParkinson's DiseaseCarpal TunnelPeripheral NeuropathySpinal StenosisDiabetic NeuropathyMuscle DisordersTinnitusTremorsGait ImbalancePost Concussion SyndromeAlzheimer'sTIAM.S.Cervical RadiculopathyLumbar Radialopathy

Research & Upcoming Studies

  • Do you or someone you love suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease? If so, it could be beneficial to volunteer for a clinical study.
  • Suffering from migraines? There are numerous benefits to those who are eligible to participate in ongoing or upcoming clinical trials.
  • Patients that experience seizures could be able to volunteer in a clinical study. Sign-up today so that we may determine your eligibility.
  • We are currently seeking volunteers to participate in a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) clinical study. Believe you or someone you love is eligible? Sign-up today.
  • Patients that have been diagnosed with a sleep disorder could receive incentives for participating in a clinical trial. Get more information today!
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